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Frequently Asked Questions

Which days are Music to My Ears closed?

MTME will be closed:

  • Independence Day — July 4
  • Halloween — October 31
  • Thanksgiving — November (date varies)
  • Winter Break — end of December through New Year’s Day (dates vary)

Make-up Lessons

Article titled “Make-up Music Lessons from an Economist’s Point of View

Since MTME charges a flat monthly tuition, what if there are 5 weeks, or lessons, in a certain month?


What if the student is absent?

The monthly tuition remains unchanged. Students are paying to reserve a weekly time on the teacher's schedule. If 30 days written notice is given, the teacher is able to schedule a make up lesson.

What if the teacher is absent?

The student will have a makeup schedule or we will add a credit to the student's account. You will not be charged for lessons the teacher can not attend.

Will I be getting a makeup lesson in the month of December?

MTME will not be offering any makeups during the period we are closed.

Please remember students still get two or three free lessons annually, including the three weeks in December.

Why will there only be 3 lessons in December?

It may seem unbalanced in December, however students have received three or four “free” lessons through out the year (depending on the day of lessons). This is part of the flat rate monthly billing system here at MTME.