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Itty-Bitty Broadway

Current Production:

Fall Itty-Bitty Broadway
Willy Wonka Jr.
Begins September 29, 2018

Our Next Production:


What Is Itty-Bitty Broadway?

It is a unique experience for young performers. Children age 2-5 years old will sing, dance and perform with their teacher a 5 minute group number in our kids’ musicals. It’s like a half-time show of adorableness.

We provide take-home CDs, dance videos and word sheets to each student. Students will need to supply their own costumes. Come join us for a summer of growth and fun!

What If I’m Not Sure My Child Will Want to Perform?

We know the value of early exposure to music. We want the children to experience music at whatever level they are ready for. Sometimes that is singing out strong; sometimes that is standing and observing in class; sometimes it is loving the music coming to the show and choosing to watch from the audience. We want it to be a positive experience. Teachers Kelly & Aja are fun and flexible! We will follow the child’s cues.